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The day before

I always wanted to do a trip alone, just me and myself, no time pressure, doing whatever I feel I want to do. After a hard time due to my family issues I decide to start a travel to a tiny city located near the sea. The climate is ideal, it’s not very hot, but it’s not cold either. I don’t really enjoy having a beach day, but I enjoy being close, the air is fresh and different, the sun lights me gently.

My transport choice is the train, cheaper than the airplane but more comfortable than a bus, it’s just perfect. About the local where I’ll sleep, I’m not picky since I want to save money for other priority stuff so I choose a little hotel enough close to the city core so I can arrive walking without using the regional public transport.

Day 1. Saturday

The first day on my trip after leaving my luggage at the hotel I visit and explore the zone surrounded, it’s a friendly neighborhood, there is no a lot of noise of cars and the most of the zone is peatonal. On the way back to my room to have some rest of the long travel I see a lot of coffee shops and pastry shops.

I notice a small shop whose storefront is full of a variety of knick knacks, for pure curiosity I enter the shop. My curiosity stops at a local artist artbook with vivid watercolor illustrations so I decide to buy it. Also, since it’s a pretty cheap shop I get a lucky charm that it’s showcased on front desk. After my purchases I keep my way to the hotel. Maybe I gift the little charm to my sister, since I don’t think I would use it.

Day 2. Sunday

I love museums so since I have enough energy today thanks to a big sleeping night I decide to visit one of the most popular museums there. An archeological museum with a lot of pieces of ceramics with their written history on the flashcards, some destroyed old buildings are preserved too and paintings as well. A lot of tools are showcased and there are some cool sculptures representing how the life before was.

As fast as I finish looking every corner of the museum I enter a store at the entrance, the delicious sweet smell brought me there. This is a traditional and regional food shop. The seller tells me that everything is made there. A fruity artisanal pot of jam catch my attention, it’s strawberry jam and I love it, I can eat it with toasts and butter so there is no doubt I need to purchase it.

Day 3. Monday

Today I really want to visit the city core and search big streets and squares, see the buildings architecture and find nice shops so I walk to the core and finally find the most commercial street on the city with a lot of different shops: clothes, food, franchises, perfumeries, jewelries… To be honest I’m not really interested on jewels or that expensive stuff from very prestigious brands so I’ll just look at my comfortable and recognized brands and maybe some regional franchise. I love the food and unique and artistic things and experiences, so my money is going for that.

I detect a cute and aesthetic grocery shop that sells local specialties, I love food, and I decide to buy a little potted plant whose leaves are used as condiment so I can grow it in my own home terrace. My sight stops at a random cookie molds set with shark shapes which I fastly grab, they are not very limited to the region, but I have a unique idea, maybe I can cook some shark cookies for him, he likes sharks too much.

Day 4. Tuesday

Since yesterday I was in the most urban zone of the city today I have to leave the suburbs and find the highest landmark in the region, it’s time to go to the mountain. For this I take the regional train to the town where the mountain is. I hike up to the peak and rest there taking a snack I brought and sitting in the balcony to see the views of the forest and the animals living there. I needed this rural ambient for at least one day.

Before going back to the city I stop at the valley town to fins some nice things. I explore the narrow streets with slopes until I find a store with dim lighting that catch my attention after looking some knick knacks and antiquities that seems historic and old. I enter the shop and I browse the shelves, I decide to purchase an old CD of music of a local band that sounds cool. I possibly listen to it once and then drop it honestly. I take the train back to my room.

Day 5. Wednesday

Only some days left to enjoy my trip, I’m very tired because the hiking time yesterday so this is the chosen day to chill just doing some casual activities. There is a park near the hotel, no more than 10 minutes walking, I saw a pamphlet with some dates and events and note my favorite ones: a small pop music concert and a nature sketching workshop, luckily they are free. (Who pays the personal? not my problem tho).

After finishing the events I find a little market on a narrow street so I decide to search some stuff to buy. There is one mineral and rock store, but I’m not really a fan of them so I just pass by looking at the shiny rocks, the next one is a food shop with some traditional pastries and candies, I buy some with my favorite flavors. I eat as snack three of them and keep the other five for my home.

Day 6. Thursday

Today it’s time to go to the city core again to see some monuments of the city that are located in the streets. Looking at the map while I walk carefully until I reach the great square with a majestic and very polished fountain with very abstract and complex design. A lot of people are taking photos and selfies there, I don’t really like taking pics of myself so I just photograph the mountain with my phone. I decide to purchase an ice cream and sit on a bench.

Walking to the hotel I find a group of people selling some old stuff for cheap prices. I don’t think I find something enough interesting but take a look just in case. To my surprise I find an

old analog photograph on the fountain I just visited, but I don’t think I can use it anyways. There is a small set of wooden figures of the different traditional foods, they look pretty cute so I decide to buy them, maybe I can decorate my room or something, or maybe I just wasted my money.

Day 7. Friday

Last day on this pretty city, I don’t really want to do a lot of activity today since I need energy for my travel so I decide to revisit that park I was on Wednesday, I loved the ambient with so much plants and people having fun. Today I just pass by the workshops seeing kids and adults having a good time, actually, a pair of persons stopped me to answer some questions and play a game, but I’m not that social so I just said “no, thanks” both times. I took a little snack at the coffee shop while I read a book.

In the park a find a lot of people grouped together so I take a look, it’s a tombola organized by the neighborhood’s scale modeling association to gather funds for their next project, it’s not expensive and I didn’t used any money today so I participle but I do not win anything, I guess I’m just not lucky in the game (at least in love I am), anyways I come back to the room hotel happy and start to pack my things

Bye bye holidays

It’s time to go back home, I really enjoyed my week here, I did a lot of activities every day and discovered new things that interested me, I would stay here even more days if I could, but on the other hand, I miss my routine, family and friends, doing a trip alones is great but a trip itself tires.

When packaging my luggage I realize that the potted plant doesn’t fit in, it’s pretty sad, I have nothing to do, I don’t have enough space, maybe I should think of that before purchasing it, I don’t know how I thought a potted plant would fit I my luggage, I’m dumb. With no ideas on my mind the plant is staying where it was seeded, what a waste of money.

After a train travel my father picks me up on the station, he asks me about the travel, if

everything was fine and blah blah… When I arrive home the first thing I do is lay on my bed, I really missed my bed, my laptop, my desk, my plushies, everything. Feels like home (because it is). In my mind one thought flashes: “I really want to do a trip with my beloved one, will this be possible someday?”

I gift the lucky charm to my sister and the old folklore music CD to my father, the wooden figures decorate now the living room, the strawberry jam was finished within one week, the local artist artbook is laying on my shelf now with my books, of course I share the other pastries and candies with my family and I plan to use the cookie molds soon. It really was a good trip

Inventory (owned souvenirs)

Day 1:

  • Local artist artbook of watercolors illustrations
  • Lucky charm

Day 2:

  • Strawberry jam

Day 3:

  • Potted plant (Doesn’t fit in the luggage god ☹️)
  • Sharp shaped cookie molds set

Day 4:

  • Old folklore music CD

Day 5:

  • 5 traditional pastries/candies

Day 6:

  • Set of small wooden figures

Day 7: Nothing

Thoughts anb commentaries

I really enjoyed this virtual trip, I always wanted to do a trip by myself and this literally left my imagination to work on it, thinking every detail about how I wanted to be the travel. This game gave me calm and serenity while playing, I had a really good time writing this journal, deciding what to do with the cards deck and choosing which souvenirs I would like to buy. The only thing I can say is thank you so much for making this ttrpg, it really is a masterpiece.

Also as I have been playing I realized that I was getting to comfortable writing, first I started it with a very “clean” and “correct” style, then I finished writing like it was really in my pocket using different expressions or adding thoughts, that was pretty funny.

I hope to do a trip alone someday, as wells as a trip with my boy, it would be nice

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